Monday, March 3, 2014

Tony Jones 0001

  • Tony Jones They should call the police and American embassy and have you deported. I've already contacted the embassy and let they know of your insane behavior along with you teaching without the minimum qualifications.
    • The Original Oatmeal Why are you threatening me?
    • Tony Jones Not a threat, I'm predicting your future.
    • The Original Oatmeal People have been predicting these kinds of futures for me since I was about 4 years old, back in 1989, over 25 years ago. People have been predicting the future that I would be deported from Vietnam since 2012, around 2 years ago. How long must I wait for your future to come to past when these kinds of predictions are not coming to past even after decades of time?
    • Tony Jones I think we both know your 'tourist' visit to Viet Nam is coming to an end.
    • The Original Oatmeal What should I do after it ends? Please tell me more information about these thoughts and matter. My ears are wide open. Please educate me about the ways of the future, since you claim such rights and access into the skies of the limitless future.
    • Tony Jones Don't give me too much credit, I'm only predicting the obvious. The sun will rise and set, and you will be leaving VN soon.
    • The Original Oatmeal Where will I be going?
    • The Original Oatmeal
  • Tony Jones Do you have a contract? No. Do you have a work visa? No. Do you have a degree? No. Do you have a CELTA? No. You are 'working' in Viet Nam illegally. You are not qualified to teach in Viet Nam and should never have been in a classroom to begin with.
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