Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Over-Pricing is Bad

Ben Thanh market parking....should be 3000 but to expat they charging 10.000!!! They are also very rude and unpolite...why?
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  • Solidman Duy Welcome to ben thanh market!
  • Ralf Sifford Just don't take the MaiLinh taxi out of BenThanh market...
  • Nicholas Nguyễn there's no Mailinh taxi at Ben Thanh market...that's black market taxi and it's dangerous
  • Evan Hudson boo hoo hoo i make 2000 dollars a month and i am complaining about .50 on the internet boo hoo hoo
  • Tibère Benoist d'Anthenay its not about the money but the principle
  • Evan Hudson it is about the money you dumbass go ask a hungry child or a construction worker that got paid $5 for working all day today if it's about the money or the principle
  • Ben Robinson it's because they are assholes.
  • Evan Hudson that giu xe dude got paid like 3 dollars for working all day in the sun today, by virtue of your skin color and passport you can get paid $3 for sitting in a chair for 10 minutes
  • Evan Hudson it seems like it's super hard for expats in vietnam to look beyond their own lives and feel empathy for other people whose lives are so, so much more difficult than theirs.
  • Travis Brown Evan is bringing heat.
  • Alfredo Rossi Evan Hudson: Thank you for putting things in prospective.
  • Evan Hudson i don't get it. do you not take the ~5 seconds to process how shitty people's lives are here when you, like, see a woman pushing a giant cart full of trash on a sunny afternoon while you are drinking a coffee and sitting down? am i the only one who doe...See More
  • Evan Hudson sorry i know it doesn't look good to get angry on facebook but holy moly some people are clueless and really this is the only place i can vent about it because nothing kills conversation at an expat dinner party faster than bringing up the fact that we are all benefactors of a brutal and unequal system
  • Tibère Benoist d'Anthenay you are right. complaining about anything is useless. Better to act.
  • Evan Hudson a great place to volunteer!
  • Tibère Benoist d'Anthenay that being said,on an another state of mind I also understand the frustration and paranoia that that comes with living in HCMC on a tight budget.
  • Evan Hudson fear and loathing in saigon
  • Nguyen Thi Cam Ha So many unqualified foreigners can get 10times salary than the educated vietnamese.is it fair?u guys born in blond is lucky enough.give more rather than complain
  • Ho Quang Man To explain for your question, the ticket is printed by tax office with one value only (vnd 3,000). they dont care to issue the tickets with different value for different venues. As you know the rent in Ben Thanh market area is very expensive, so the ow...See More
  • Walter Hanagriff III Nguyen Thi Cam Ha, what your saying is we should pity you? I know that a lot of expats do want to come here and pity you. But pity is insulting. People who pity are looking down on others. Respect means you treat everybody equal. We arent rich sociopat...See More
  • Van Hoang The 10k parking is charging for everyone parking around Ben Thanh market area, not just only for foreigners thou! Some special occasion like Tet pple get charge 20k or even 30k wo any reasons and apply for everyone! Parking price in Vietnam is vary and no rule thou!
  • Xian Vo maybe some people come in VN as a colonalist..like before 1954...treat other people as youself..that will be good for every one..come as friend.you're welcome..in the other case..please go back home...
  • Walter Hanagriff III I actually have been double ticketed before with an explanation and thats fair. I wish good business practice like that was done. Then its understood. I also wish businesses would post prices on a board. Super cheap to get and use. But we know good business practice isnt in the dictionary here :| Too rare. The explanation is ok. I can accept a higher price, its d1 after all, but they should make it obvious.
  • Alfredo Rossi Walter Hanagriff: I find very hard to sympathise with you. You are making these comments like it costs you 15 million dongs to go back home and you have college loans to pay? I would rather sympathise to many workers in this country they are making 2-3 million dong a month and work six days a week with a break once a year for Tet. It's your choice to be here.
  • Walter Hanagriff III Alfredo Rossi, I dont need your sympathy. But yes, it does cost me 15 million to go home though I have no college loan, just other things. I dont need pity anymore than I will pity others. But those bike watchers arent making 2-3 million dong so whats ...See More
  • Nicholas Nguyễn they charge everyone the same 10,000 VND...so its fair for all...
  • Walter Hanagriff III Yes, we understand that by now Nicholas Nguyễn I think nobody is complaining about the bikes anymore. Fair is fair. Its just that they never print prices so its going to continue to cause confusions. Hopefully everybody can see this thread and know the truth though.
  • Tom Holgersson it seems like a lot of people never understand that this is not about the money, but about the principles. I would not want to pay more than any local Vietnamese. It's not the 1980s when it was legal to differentiate prices between foreigners and Vietnamese. I never give in to these scams and you shouldn't either. It's not going to help Vietnam. Problem solved.
  • Van Hoang Actually now it is fair prices in many kind of services for the foreigners in Vietnam. Sometime the Vietnamese get the rudeness, bad services and high prices more than the foreigners in many kinds of services so where are the principles on that?!
  • Walter Hanagriff III Van Hoang, its true that we want respect for all, but its not like we can do much to stop vietnamese from overcharging vietnamese. We dont speak the language. Its hard enough for us to defend ourselves without vietnamese friends help. But I know we sym...See More
  • Josh Boonma I'm waiting for someone to blame Obama...
  • Greg Johnstone Or McDonalds
  • Ha Tia Walter, it's so funny the way you said about bringing money into the country which wasnt here before and you did your part. Are you saying us that you came here to save Vietnam, and not to enjoy its good life, excitement and oppotuinites here? You know...See More
  • Anna Huynh Thi So truth Ha Tia.

    And to other ecpats. Its just a few dong. Not even fill up the cunt of your guy's chick.
  • Des Snowdon Impolite nut unpolite. Boo hoo 7000 extra, terrible tragedy. Perhaps they over charged you due to your inability to speak English.
  • Marc Mista Evan do you honestly think any of that money goes to people you mention. Take up your debate with the lamborghini driving officials man.
  • Marc Mista Beautifully put anna, a true wordsmith, are you related to shakespeare?
  • James Dickson Ben thanh market is the arsehole of hcmc. Why does anybody who lives here go near that place? Rip off central. With the scumbag fake taxi drivers outside.
  • Ross Stewart Wow.... Popcorn anyone??
  • Erich Dang Xian Vo I am willing to bet you haven't seen a colonist before and neither have your parents. So just how do you know how "bad" they were? My grandfather worked for them as a lowly railroad station manager but he managed to put 11 kids through schools...See More
  • Erik Johnson This kind of problem is systemic. The attitude of some people in this discussion is, "Hey, it's only a little money." Try that excuse for theft in any developed nation in the world, which is something this country will never be if people continue actin...See More
  • Nicholas Nguyễn Erik Johnson : there is the demand for convenience that's why Ben Thanh parking lot still exists.....If we dont like we can park in other areas....since they charge everyone the same price, I dont understand why the topic is still going on
  • Erich Dang I think there is a lot of frustration on the part of the people here who were denied economic prosperity for a long time. So a lot of them turned into a bunch of takers when the opportunity arises. No one was able to escape this mentality in Vietnam,...See More
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu This reminds me of outdated menus at restaurants in Vietnam. In January 2014 or so, I ordered coffee and milk for 12.000 VND at a cafe in the Thu Duc District of HCM. The waitress said it costs about 17.000 VND. Later, she told me that this was the old menu and that they plan to make a new updated menu someday with the updated prices.

    Like this parking ticket, it is not the end of the world exactly. I can pay more money for parking and for food.

    However, if a ticket says 3.000 then I want to only pay 3.000. If the menu says 12.000 for coffee, then I want to just pay 12.000. If they want me to pay more, then they should update the tickets and menus, period. It is an issue or honesty, transparency, integrity, of being simple.

    By the way, over-pricing is stealing and is immoral, and should always be illegal and unethical. We should not tolerate it any more than we tolerate bribing the police in Vietnam.

    I was born in the USA and have been in Vietnam since 2012. I may live here in Vietnam for the rest of my life. I am still single. I teach English. I am 29 years old. I wish the best for the people of Vietnam. Many things are improving.

    This ticket situation is an example of how Vietnam is still developing instead of being a developed country. I really hope and pray that the younger generations can continue to work on making Vietnam a better place for our children and for our children's children.
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu

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