Friday, March 14, 2014

I am not negative

Would you hire this weirdo American?
2011-11 apx. I grew out my beard because I was making a documentary about my life. Strangely, my autobiography is partially allegorical as I played the character Billy Breaker who grew up as a boy stuck in the Arnold Attic.
Billy is a character that is based from me. The story about Billy serves as an illustration about my life. The story is about how an abusive alcoholic landscaper man (Mr. Don Arnold) discovers Billy in the jungle and adopts Billy.
Later, the man locks Billy in his attic. Eventually, Billy escapes and runs away. Many years later, Billy is alone with this big long beard.
Billy realizes that he must journey back to the attic because he left some priceless things back there.
Billy always thought that the attic was his prison, as in his hell.
However, the attic shaped Billy's character. In the story, Billy goes back to the attic as a grown man to unlock the secrets to his past and ultimately for the sake of his own destiny and that of the world as well.
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