Saturday, March 1, 2014

I Work For FYG

Hello. How are you? Have a nice day
Xin chào. Làm thế nào là bạn? Có một ngày tốt đẹp

I am an (Tôi là một)
American USA (tại Mỹ)
English Teacher (giáo viên tiếng Anh) 
in (tại) Sài Gòn, Việt Nam

I teach English at FYG
Tôi dạy tiếng Anh tại FYG
FYG: Fellowship Youth Group 

Contact (liên hệ) FYG

My name is (Tôi tên là)
Joey Arnold
The Original Oatmeal
Skype: OriginalOatmeal

I'm an English Teacher: Film-Maker: Writer: Artist: Editor: Translator: Web-Designer: Musician: Singer: Guitarist: Pianist: Life-Coach: Motivational Speaker: Christian, Charity Missionary, Director: Actor: Carpenter: Counselor: Tutor: Philosopher: Inventor: Dancer: Athlete: Basketball Player, etc

My skin is white. I wear glasses. I live in District 1 of Saigon, Vietnam. I am from the USA (United States of America). I teach English all over Saigon, Vietnam. I have been in Vietnam since 2012. I have making films since 1996 when I was 10 years old. I was born in 1985. I have been a teacher since 1995. I do many things. I have a team of Vietnamese-English translators. Contact us if you are language students, teachers, actors, owners, producers, customer, etc.

I am an English Teacher, life-coach, creator, CEO, businessman, charity missionary, writer, producer, web-designer, artist, musician, inventor, athlete, coach, volunteer, Christian, dancer, singer, guitarist, pianist, speaker, counselor, tutor, and so much more. 



Google my name, Joey Arnold Original Oatmeal to find me all over the internet and I do many things and I am here for you if I can be of assistance concerning almost anything. My life is dedicated to helping others in so many different ways. Share this and ask your friends to contact me as well. Spread the word. Eat some oatmeal. Ask Christ to save you.


  1. So u teach at FYG. So u work official with a contract right? So when u will get ur work permit? Can u apply all the needed documents according to the new law? And don't try to start to blame other people u fuckin liying dickhead!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Just answer these simple questions with yes or no? Is it that difficult?

  2. How many hours per week do you teach and how much do you charge?

    1. Prices, students, locations, and other things vary each day. My students sometimes do not give me money. Sometimes, people buy me just a drink as they practice English with me for 5 hours strait sometimes. I was born in the USA in the year of 1985. My skin is white. I wear glasses. I have been teaching English in Vietnam since 2012.

      Sometimes, my clients pay me 50 cents, as in 10.000 VND per day or per hour. For around 8 months in Vietnam, I was without an official salary. For most of the other months, I was making around $100 USD (as in 2.000.000 VND) or sometimes less. Too often, people pay me too little or not at all.

      In the Thu Duc District, I teach a group of children for $20 USD, as in 400.000 VND, per hour since October 2013. I only teach them for 3 hours per week. I have worked at schools and centers for $15, as in 300.000 VND, per hour, and a few times for $20, as in 400.000 VND. Sometimes, I get paid $5 per hour, as in 100.000 VND per hour.

      At the moment, I am asking people to pay me $2 USD per hour, as in 50.000 VND per hour, but I may still teach for free at times. There are many factors to consider with all of these details.

  3. How can you live off such little money? I know many teachers that make 20-25USD per hour or a lot more in some cases. Seems strange that you get paid so little.

    By the way, you spell the word 'straight' incorrectly