Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kathy Lies Again About the Bike Kathy Stole

  1. Còn nhớ lúc chúng ta cùng nhau kiếm ra 18 triệu.
    Tôi nói: thôi dùng số tiền này tìm việc khác làm đi. Anh làm mất lòng sếp rồi. Đừng xài phung phí quá.
    Hay đưa em 2 triệu em mở handmade shop
    Làm chìa khoá đất sét.
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    Nhưng anh đâu có nghe tôi
    Tiền anh hứa cho tôi mua đất sét làm handmade shop.
    Anh dắt gái đi ăn Lotteria.
    Kinh khủng làm sao Gái dắt thêm một cô bạn thân.
    Như kì đà cản mũi...còn tagg hình "xem như trả ơn anh trên facebook"

    Thì anh lại lôi hình tôi ra chưng!

    Như 1 chiến tích
    Và gây hiểu lầm cho mẹ anh là "tôi đeo bám anh hoài không có chịu buông ra!"
    Làm cho mẹ anh nơi công cộng như fb chửi tôi và gia đình tôi xối xả?

    J à! Anh có bao giờ nghỉ mình có lỗi với tôi!

    Muốn tôi nói tốt cho anh
    Để sinh viên anh buông tha cho anh

    Tôi muốn nghe
    Một lời công khai xin lỗi!
    Kathy Thao Duong
    Remember at together we make out 18 million.
    I say: stop taking this amount for other job to do. I lost my boss. Don't throw your waste too.
    Or take you 2 million children open the handmade shop Do the key clay.
    You sell You will only do 2 million well at least that!
    I know where to sell this one!
    I know I will sell will be successful!


    But you didn't hear me the money he promised to buy me a clay made handmade shop.
    He flicked the girl go eat Lotteria.
    How horrible Daughter away to a gossip girl.
    As the term momentum to stop the nose ... and tagg "viewed as repay you on facebook" you pulled me out of shape distillation!

    As a trophy And mislead his mother is "I perched my nostalgic no good!"
    Make your mother a public place like the fb doesn't, I and my family torrential?

    J! He has never rested themselves at fault with me!

    Like I say good for him To let his students gave him I want to hear a word publicly apologize!
    Kathy Thao Duong (Translated by Bing)
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  1. hey man, you should really consider letting this matter go. it seems as if there was a simple miscommunication between you and Kathy since you both come from different cultures/languages; it is over and done with now (you both lost money). holding onto to the past will only hinder your future. if you keep concerning yourself with this, how will you be able to move forward and achieve what you are supposed to in life?

    1. No. Wrong. Incorrect. Kathy stole my bike. I told her not to take it and sell it. She took it and gave it to her friend. She never compensated for the bike. She lied and tricked me. This has nothing to do with different cultures. Morality transcends the realms of the separate and unique cultures and other walls and boundaries. I believe that right is always right and wrong is always wrong. I confront people when they do wrong.

      Kathy owes me $200 USD

    2. yes i do understand that our concepts of morality are universal and applicable to all people, you are right in that. however, after having lived in Vietnam for the past 5 years, i believe that the housing and help she provided for you "free" were not actually "free" in her eyes. vietnamese hospitality is not like american hospitality, there is something expected in return (though not directly, as evidenced by her theft of your bike). i know that you want to do something big and remove all evils in this world, but i think you are focusing too much of your energy on Kathy, and not actual evil. if you do succeed in making Kathy realize the errors in her ways, no one will know, no one will care. don't you want to do something bigger??

    3. In murder trials, the murderers will have their excuses. They will plead self-defense or insanity. However, murder is still murder, even if there are excuses, reasons, pleads, or other details to it. Likewise, theft is still theft, even if it by a Vigilante like Kathy who stole my bike, whom may possibly believe that we were in a trade, as in a conditional agreement, contract, condition, oath, two-way-deal, two-way-promise, thing.

      However, communication is very important, especially since she should have known that I was from a different culture.

      If I was Vietnamese, then it would be more my fault because I should know that Vietnamese rarely understand the true ultimate agape love sense and meaning and definition to unconditional love of unconditional freedom of giving charity to others, free things, with strings attached or conditions or expectations or anything else imaginable.

      But I am not Vietnamese. I told Kathy many times that I was not going to return the favor necessarily. I will tell anybody that I know the future and that I will not give back to people.

      But I do not like being forced or obligated to go against my own will or certain things of universal morality of absolute morality and other things.

      Kathy is an illustration of a bit of evil in this world.

      People do know.

      People do care.

      It works.

      It will continue working.

      This is me & Kathy. Contact Kathy. Share this.
      Katie Kathy Phuong Thao Duong
      Duong Phuong Thao (Зыонг Фыонг Тхао)
      Kathy's Cell 128-659-6055
      Mother's Cell 91-362-4778
      Contact Kathy on Facebook at
      753 Nguyễn Duy, phường 12, Quận 8, Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh, đất nước Việt Nam

      I lived at Kathy's from 2013-02-21 - 2013-04-08

  2. hmm i understand where you are coming from. I liked when you stated, "However, communication is very important, especially since she should have known that I was from a different culture", a very valid point. however, that is also the problem with Kathy and any Vietnamese having been born and raised in Vietnam (or any other country for that matter): they do not understand that their culture is different from yours. she may have listened to American music, watched American movies, read American books, but there is no way she can comprehend our culture without actually LIVING in America. Between you and Kathy, you are the more worldly individual with unique perspectives on life in both Vietnam and America. She is living in Vietnam and has never seen any other kind of life, and assumed you would enjoy the culture of exchanging of services/things without a contract. i understand you are frustrated that she cannot realize this, but at the same time, you are the bigger man with more worldly knowledge. remember that you must "turn the other cheek", do not retaliate to her attack.

    1. I use this story as an illustration for others to learn from. It is not about the money. it is about honor. It is about doing the right things. Kathy may not know everything, but I did specifically tell Kathy not to sell my bike. Kathy knew better. I told her several times not to sell my bike. After that, I asked her many times for compensation. Kathy told me that she was going to compensate for the bike, and yet other times Kathy would come up with excuses or reasons or something to try to get out of her own promises of paying me back. I have seen Kathy confirm an understanding of what I was saying to her and of what I was requesting from her. I want her to remember that she knew better and that it seem that she wanted to compensate for the bike for me, unless if she was lying about it the whole time.

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  3. "turn the other cheek", Joey. This is an unhealthy obsession, you are wasting your time on this. You could have made 40,000,000 with the amount of time you have spent slandering her. From an outsider's perspective, it just seems as if you are in love with her. I know you don't, so why do this? Spend more time bettering yourself, not others.