Monday, March 24, 2014

Sex on the Beach in Vietnam.

This was taken at Phu Quoc. I'm 

not sure how to explain it.This was taken at Phu Quoc. I'm not sure how to explain it.Like ·  · 84 people like this.Cathy T Mac "Sex on the beach" it is then!13 hours ago · Edited · Like · 11Trai Mini freedom !!!!13 hours ago · Like · 1Pup Py Bo ??13 hours ago · LikeWarren Johnson What are you talking about, they are always selling ice cream. Come on man.13 hours ago · Like · 42Van Thanh Phan No need13 hours ago · LikeTuan Anh what do you want to explain anyway? the couple just bought some ice creams for the sex on the beach. everybody wins!13 hours ago · Like · 1Meo Meo It is love. You don't know? Even if they are naked. So? Open your mind darling13 hours ago · Like · 4Alice Lu Not sure what do you mean....Looks pretty normal happens in the holiday beach. Maybe not in your vision?13 hours ago · Edited · Like · 5Tuan Anh Meo Meo: who's naked?13 hours ago · Like · 1Azrul Yuzayn Tourist13 hours ago · LikeCJ C-Zero Jr. I'm not talking about an Ice Cream Vendor... I'm talking about 'Sex On The Beach'!13 hours ago · LikePup Py Bo naked mind 
13 hours ago · Like · 1Cathy T Mac Those would of been sent to jail for life if they were in Dubai for their "inappropriate action ". Just saying 🙊🙊
12 hours ago · Like · 3Meo Meo I didn't say they r naked. I said "even if"
12 hours ago · Like · 1Nhat Nguyen I love white sand, too.
12 hours ago · Like · 1Erich Dang Why aren't they arrested? Where are the CAs?
12 hours ago · LikeRich Haslam Nothing to explain really. Just 2 people talking. What's the big deal?
12 hours ago · Like · 13Jordan Thieu it is love.... open your mind 
12 hours ago · Like · 4Erich Dang They forgot to pay the CAs. That's the big deal.
12 hours ago · LikeCathy T Mac And who was the creepy perv that go around n take love photos of random peeps on the beach?? Hmmm
12 hours ago · Edited · Like · 15Michael M. Wong she is giving him a head massage..
12 hours ago · LikePup Py Bo i did not see anithing wrong here?
12 hours ago · Edited · Like · 4Micheal Ren One of my is there in air
12 hours ago · LikeCathy T Mac Michael above me, is your eyesight ok?? Which head ?
12 hours ago · Edited · Like · 2Việt Dũng I'm not sure either. does the man have butt implants?
12 hours ago · Edited · Like · 5Nguyen Tuan make love in nature
12 hours ago · Like · 2Selena Le in Phú Quốc? thought in Mũi Né
12 hours ago · Like · 1Scott Gelsthorpe Is he making love to her knees? Come on people.
12 hours ago · Like · 12Nguyen Tuan yes,im sure.this is beach
12 hours ago · Like · 1Van Ha love to be like this. hahah
12 hours ago · Like · 1Dave Clissold Something tells me most of these posters have never had sex nor seen how it is done.
12 hours ago · Like · 7Baz Hurst looks to me he put the potato in the BACK of his pants...instead of in the front
12 hours ago · Like · 1Alex Schweitzer Two people laying on the beach. Fascinatin'
12 hours ago · Like · 1Kris Wilkins I agree with Cathy, there's definitely head going on
12 hours ago · LikeCathy T Mac You know what Kris , I misread his comment. Thought he said " she's giving him a head" my bad 
12 hours ago · Like · 3Nguyễn Mỹ Dung I love ice cream and white sand, too! :))
12 hours ago · Like · 2So Sad Maybe just talking.... But i like the way they talk each other. 
12 hours ago · Like · 2Neih Gnad Come to Rome do as Roman do, what a ridiculous action
12 hours ago · Edited · Like · 1Kris Wilkins No Cathy, I meant the guy was the giving one. If that isn't clear to you in the photo, I could maybe explain better if you could let me demonstrate
12 hours ago · Like · 1Lanh Don Good job for take photo
12 hours ago · LikeLotus Season On the Beach, it is not a serious or sacred place! Leave 'em alone!
12 hours ago · Like · 1Kris Wilkins Oh cathy, head works both ways, you've been let down by past ban trai
11 hrs · LikeMicheal Ren Cathy T Mac..that's is bad haven't tasted the best what life has to offer hard
11 hrs · Like · 1Micheal Ren Ohh ..your mom is prudent ..she knows the world...haha
11 hrs · LikeLotus Season Not quite agree. Should understand the world to protect yourself better!
11 hrs · LikeKris Wilkins When you say "me mum" like a true northern it just makes like you more
11 hrs · Like · 1Cathy T Mac Love to wind things up in here. All due to me being in a weird mood the sleepless night. Haaa some posts' been deleted for not causing any further confusion 
11 hrs · Like · 1Ngân Trần no comment
10 hrs · Like · 1Simon B Jonston he's doing it wrong.
10 hrs · Like · 2Lotus Season Just found this in the pic: also being woman, the vendor is leading her unfair life while the other is so .....Pls add...:)))
10 hrs · Like · 2Simon B Jonston Lotus thanks for your clear and concise feedback. We will take note and revert, in writing, within 10 days.
10 hrs · Like · 1Lotus Season May lots of women in this page not agree with me. I am waiting to get 'stones' from 'em :((
10 hrs · LikeVũ Duy Khương such a nice beach
7 hrs · LikeRohan Barks it looks like Bai Sao in the south east
7 hrs · Like · 1Richard Brown It's the ice cream lady on Bai Sao Beach, Phu Quoc.
2 hrs · Like · 2Kris Wilkins Best beach in Vietnam
2 hrs · Like · 1Bắc Thần Listen! Listen! Everybody listen!

I'd been asked (by the owner presumably) to remove this photo from the group. What do you think?

I'd been asked (by the owner presumably) to remove this photo from the group. What do you think?
6 mins · LikeCathy T Mac Reason why they want u to remove it?
1 min · Like

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