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Would you hire this weirdo American?
2011-11 apx. I grew out my beard because I was making a documentary about my life. Strangely, my autobiography is partially allegorical as I played the characte...See More
  • Phuong Bui First thing first, story is supposed to be in past tense. Basic literature!
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu Phuong Bui, some stories are ongoing and not only just in the past. Remember that English is not always as simple as you may think from the textbooks. The story is ongoing like the news. Some things can be gerunds. Some things can be in the perfect active present tense continuous. I am living. I am still living.
  • Phuong Bui Bah, look at the context. Instead of putting yourself on English high horse, fucking notice what you are writing. English is not simple as YOU think.
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu Phuong Bui, I am the author of that story. The story is not entirely in the past. The story is about Billy Breaker. The story was about Billy and still is about Billy, because Billy is a character inspired from a real person named Joey Arnold the Original Oatmeal who is still alive right now and whom is not dead yet.

    The story is ongoing because we can all live out these stories in our own lives.

    We can all learn valuable life lessons from our childhood. Too often, we run from those so-called figurative "ATTICS" of our lives and in doing so we lose ourselves from the uniqueness of who we are and of who we can potentially become.

    This story is about how our lives can evolve from cavemen to models.
  • Phuong Bui I don't give a damn about your story, or you, in particular. It's irksome to see such bad writing from a guy who plagues every pages and self claims English teacher. Period. I'm unfollow this thread.
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu Phuong Bui, I am not writing bad English. I am writing in a different style than that of what you may be familiar with. Do you want me to correct your English mistakes?

    You wrote that I plague "Every pages" but you should write that I destroy each pag
    e, not each pages. I can teach you more English. Please stop mocking white people who were born and raised with the English language. It sounds that you are being racist, bias, stereotypical, and closed minded.
  • Scotty Dinh I don't know how he got into VN either.. isn't terrorist not allowed in?
  • Scotty Dinh Naw, I highly doubt Osama bin Larden would be your friend. Osama has better hygiene care and I am sure he has a better command of the English Language than you do! On a side note, I think al-Qaeda network is always looking for more voluenteer suicide...See More
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu Was his beard rather sexy?
  • Scotty Dinh uhm.. What do you think?
  • Bros Rocketeer but when you write down what happened to your character - either it happened just 5 minutes before that or 5 years ago or something he thought he would do it in the future, it DID happen - so it should be written down in past tense or past perfect, correctly? and even if the thing is still happening coz as you say you are still living but when you tell people a story you cannot tell them what you're doing (that'd be something like I'm telling you now that I'm telling you a story now..), you gotta tell something that already happened.. so no matter what, it still gotta be in the past, right?

    but the thing is how can you teach English to other people when you simply cannot make sense of something so simple such as SOMETHING THAT ALREADY HAPPENED??? (damn, seriously I gotta jump it this one tho I know I'd be tortured with notifications!)
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu Laden reminds me of my brother
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu Bros Rocketeer, there are two ways to tell a story. Stories can be told in the present tense, like narratives and scripts in films.
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu You are torturing me.
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu At the moment, in the ongoing present-tense story of my life, I am typing this right now. Now, of course, I will someday say that I typed this to you, but not right now. Stories can go on and on like The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter.
  • Scotty Dinh Bros Rocketeer I highly think reputable language center will never hire this guy or keep him on its staff for long. However, Vietnam never seem to surprise me. He might show up at my gig one day. The horrors! No one but Oatmeals is claiming his English is good. Appalachian Bible College isn't the last baston of high Education by any mean. However, my experiences with Bible School is they do have some form of writing class and standard. This guys either drop out of school or slip through the cracks.
  • Scotty Dinh Yo GiaoVien dude! Even if your story is "ongoing" like you claim, you still have to use proper tense and grammer. Writing should be a form of communication, a way to express yourself clearly to your reader. You should keep it simple and not to confussed the hell out of your reader. If you want anyone to put stock in what you have to say. Start by fixing up the many dam grammatical error, please. Or not, we don't care! Although people all have different styles of writing, Bad English isn't a style. It is just Bad English.
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu Scotty, I disagree. I choose to confuse people because I want people to continue to think about it for years to come. If I wrote the story the normal way, then this would not be happening right now. I know how to write normal, but I choose not to often times.
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu I learned in Creative Writing Class in high school that you should not begin a sentence with the word "BUT" and yet I disagree with that. Sometimes, you might need to break the rules like William Shakespeare did.
  • Scotty Dinh Dude, read my comment over and over again. Think about it long and hard before you come to a rash judgement call. I don't mock people, I don't like to judge people just as much as I don't like people to judge me. Take this as a brotherly advice, improve your English Dude each and everyday. Maybe you too can get laid someday.

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