Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kathy Stole My Bike 0002

This is me & Kathy. Contact Kathy. Share this. Katie Kathy Phuong Thao Duong: Duong Phuong Thao (Зыонг Фыонг Тхао):
Kathy's Cell 128-659-6055
Mother's Cell 91-362-4778
Contact Kathy on Facebook at
753 Nguyễn Duy, phường 12, Quận 8, Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh, đất nước Việt Nam
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  • Joey Arnold Can somebody help me?
  • Quân Trương leave her alone, Joey. Or she will call the US consulate and you will be deported.
  • Joey Arnold Kathy stole my bike.
  • Joey Arnold Kathy told my friend 2 weeks ago that she was going to send money to my bank. I gave Kathy my bank information. Later, Kathy told me that she was going to the US consulate to get me deported. For over the past 12 months or longer since early in 2013, Kathy has been threatening to get me deported. Many people threaten me. Many times, I lose jobs, students, friends, reputation, work, etc.

    Stealing is bad. Kathy made me buy a bike for around 4.000.000 VND, which is around $200 USD. Kathy stole and sold that bike to her friend's two apx 10 year old daughters. Kathy didn't pay me money. Kathy lies and says that she did give me money. Kathy did not compensate for the bike. Kathy may have thought that I wanted to sell my bike. I did not want to sell my bike. I thought about selling my bike. I asked Kathy about how much money I could sell my bike for, but I did not give Kathy the permission to steal and sell my bike.

    Kathy told me that her mother bought me Vietnamese classes. I did not want those classes. Later, Kathy said that I was paying for those classes.

    Kathy would do things for me for free. Kathy said that she was doing things for me for free. I did not ask Kathy for things. Kathy volunteered to do things for me.

    Kathy took me to a clinic charity house on Sundays where we could help people who were sick. We would also get free lunch and dinner meals here.

    Later on, Kathy told me that those meals were not really free. The house was that of the people that Kathy gave my bike to. Kathy later told me that those people were paying me back, not via money compensation, but through giving me free meals for a few different Sundays back in March 2013.

    The problem is that we did not agree beforehand for this kind of deal, contract, transaction, commitment, trade, project, agreement, method, philosophy, path, oath, promise, at all really.

    Kathy also says that not only does she not owe me money but that I owe her money.

    Kathy says that I owe her money for all the things that she did for me. She drove me places on her motor-bike. She bought me meals. She let me live in her house for a month. She did many things for me.

    However, I was not borrowing money, services, or things from Kathy. I was not taking out a loan from Kathy. I did not ask for help. I did not stick a gun to her head. I did not beg for help.

    Kathy volunteered to freely give me free gifts, presents, things, that are not to be technically compensated by law or anything like that. Free means free. Many people think that free means borrow, loans, trade, or something like that. But free means gift, present, that do not have to be compensated for. I need people to help explain these details to her.

    Kathy stole my bike. Kathy did not compensate for the bike that she stole from me. I demand justice. People should not be allowed to commit these kinds of crimes. We should not allow crimes to go unpunished.
  • Nadim Naccache nobody gives a fuck
  • Joey Arnold Nadim Naccache, it seems that you are only a selfish person that does not care about justice and love and other people. If you do not care then you can go elsewhere. I am not forcing you to be here. Your life is yours. You are free to do what you want. You are free to care about what you want to care about. You are not even my friend which then makes me wonder why you are even here.

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