Friday, February 14, 2014

Mom & Oatmeal 0006

  • Dan Kings I was pondering the other day perhaps seeing if anyone from his friends list is either a family member or knows someone from his family? I get the impression that he's on a slippery slope towards being a risk either to himself or someone else. Having had a friend who went crazy and ultimately had to be sectioned I've seen first hand how mental unbalance can escalate surprisingly quickly, especially when there's a trigger like having the kind of mass rejection he's been getting from people here. Maybe better not to get involved, but I have a feeling this is not going to go away and could potentially end up headline news in Than Nien for all the wrong reasons, and who will be laughing then?
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  • Miguel Enes I guess William, the dumbfuck who likes to post dead dog pictures 
  • Ashard Deen Dan I got the details, his mum and brother are both on his FB. If you look at their profiles they seem radical. They keep commenting on his posts too. So i gave up the idea of reaching out to them. Pretty sad really..
  • Dan Kings Hmmm… crazy family too huh? Sad, even more so if someone gets hurt. His talk of death and being a pedophile really don't fill me with confidence that this guy is just a harmless lunatic.
  • Ashard Deen Yep. Sure seems that way.
  • Bert Wiswell He is mentally ill, probably schizophrenic, in need of psychoactive medication, hopefully available in VN (Phenothiazines, etc,) , possible dangerous if not treated, I hate to say this, but I have had experience with such people, who are very functional when given proper medical treatment
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  • Reggie J Doan he has autism, I suppose. See the vid and look at all the comments he made. The dude really needs some medical treament...
  • Bert Wiswell not autism, or her never would have accomplished whar her has. Possibly very severe Asbergers Syndrome, but I'd guess more severe at this point
  • Ashard Deen Miguel Not kosher...
  • William Allen Miguel Enes is a sociopath, worse than any Joey Arnold. I blocked his account because of his posts. I can't see his garbage, but I know he's doing it.
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  • Bert Wiswell understandable, if there are a few more pscho expats than would be expected in the normal population of the home country. I had some experiences a long time ago with a close buddy (in the middle east) .... he couldn't handle anymore, so he went to the USA Embassy and tore up his passport. They sent him home.
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  • Marilyn Mitchell Oatmeal is a good normal person. Stop persecuting him.
  • Jack Ardill Marilyn, if you are Joey's mother, some of us here were a little concerned about his behaviour.
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  • Dan Kings Marilyn, I think there are a lot of people who would argue with that. His behaviour is in no way normal and I would be very concerned about his mental health! Even if all of this is just an elaborate tolling of the group the lengths that he's gone to create this would still indicate some serious borderline personality disorder that should definitely be dealt with...
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  • Craig Anderson Marilyn is Oatmeal
  • Ashard Deen No she's not.
  • Kien Phuoc Nguyen Tan Ok. I'm very new to the group. What did Oatmeal do?
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  • Max Mcternan Yea, this gets kind of disturbing now, to begin with I thought eccentric, troller and attention seeking, as things he posts are to provoke a reaction, but now this is just a bit worrying... He is either loving it and having the best laugh at our expense (if so my hat off to him!) or this guy needs serious help. Best ignored or those who know him personally, need to have a word and help this kid. This will be my last post on Oatmeal, cos what ever he is, I ain't gonna fuel it any more! Bye Joey!
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