Friday, February 14, 2014

I Only Have One FB Account

I Only Have One FB Account:

I only have one official account on Facebook (FB). I first joined Facebook in 2006. After a year or so, FB deactivated my account. I may have been breaking rules. MySpace seems to have more freedoms than FB. The problem is that FB often punishes you without warning you. 

I was able to get my FB back, but later, FB would always seem to tell me that I was doing something wrong. A few times, FB totally deleted my FB and I had to make a new one during these past 8 years. It is very sad to lose years of work. I lost friends, conversations, art, videos, photos, articles, connections, because of these things. 

FB deactivates my account many times each year, during these past 8 years or so since about 2006. MySpace never did that to me. Most other websites don't do this. FB has totally deleted over a dozen of my different profiles, one different profile at a time. I only have one FB profile account at one given time, but people would complain and report to FB, and FB would choose the politically correct approach without telling me the specific rules that I was breaking.

People think that I have more than one FB. They misunderstand, because FB lets you have groups and fan pages, which I manage. On top of that, there are other FB profile accounts that I manage, but they are not my accounts. I am not the only one doing these things. Many people do this. There are people that manage accounts for their pets, for other family members, for celebrities, characters from Star Wars and other places, and the list goes on.

FB does not exactly tell you all of the rules. That is a big problem. FB does not tell you how many friend requests you can send per day, or per hour, say for example. FB tells you to slow down but FB should just give you an exact number of how many requests you are allowed to send at a given time period, because that is what other websites do.

Instead, FB just tells you to slow down, which does not mean anything to me. Out of nowhere, FB may deactivate you. CouchSurfing (CS) has had similar problems where they just delete you without proper warnings. CS gives you unspecific warnings that are hard to follow.

FB Has Deleted Many Profiles:
Including the Following:

Mickey Morehead
Joey Arnold (the first one)
Joey Arnold (the second one)
Original Oatmeal
Rick Butter
Blake Webbs
Papa Griz
Jimmy Williams
a girl
other Joey Arnolds
Boe Bees 1
Boo Bees 2
Boo Bees 3
Boo Bees 4
Boo Bees 5
and the list goes on

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