Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ian Wilson HATES Oatmeal

  • Ian Wilson Robert Bicknell - one look at Oatmeal's mother should give you all the 'hints' you should ever need !
  • Andy Newton From what I understand, this guy is supposed to be broke and unable to get home. If he's written something about being a paedo, perhaps the authorities being notified of this might lead to him being deported home. Might be doing him a favour - he's more likely to get help back there than over here. More importantly might be eliminating a threat to children here.
  • Ben Ngo @Robert: I don't know whether he's demented or putting on any act. I've just read Lockie's comment, then asked him whether that post is truly existing and then asked everyone's opinion
  • Andy Newton It's too much of an act to be putting on. A sane man wouldn't have the energy for such nonsense. Creating all these accounts, writing all that bullshit, the work to reward ratio just doesn't work out for an ordinary fellow.
  • Robert Bicknell ANDY - If I read some of the comments here correctly, the guy has claimed to be everything under the sun. The story changes faster than the weather.

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