Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mom & Oatmeal 0003

Mother, for my birthday, all I ask is that you click on the following link where you will find photos and things that people are writing about me:
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  • Joey Arnold tell your friends
  • Joey Arnold Somebody stuck my head on the body of Oprah at this Facebook Group called Another side of Vietnam. At this group, they are making fun of me. They are saying that I am retarded and that I should die, that I am not a teacher, that I am a nobody, and that I can go back to the USA with the rest of the deformed humans.
  • Marilyn Mitchell You are getting persecuted.
  • Joey Arnold There are many different posts there about me. Scroll down at their group to see more things about me. They banned me as well. It started early in January when a Matt Anderson posted a photo of me as a teacher in HCM and he posed the question, "Is this person really a teacher, or just a spammer?"

    They were making fun of as soon as I joined the group, even before I wrote a single comment at their group. Later, they blocked me, even though they started it.
  • Joey Arnold

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