Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Liên hệ với trợ lý của tôi Joey Arnold USA về TP.HCM

Liên hệ với trợ lý của tôi Joey Arnold USA về TP.HCM
HCM: 0163-364-2066
Quận 4, Q.11 Luc Dinh Tien Nguyen 090-312-4615
Q.Tân Bình Dai Trinh 098-865-0437
Q.10 English Rain. Siu Nhưn Lùn 090-553-3203
Q.Tân Phú Belle Lùn. Tiên Phạm 090-665-6878
Q.1 0127-272-5679
Q.Gò Vấp Therock Nguyen 099-563-8088
Q.Thủ Đức Nguyen Cuong. Vu Thanh 0165-624-4099
Q.9 Trần Bảo Tân 098-345-6456


Tell me when and where you want to practice English at. Talk to my assistants. I teach in HCM & online to beginners to experts, children, teens, youth, adults, and people of all ages, levels, for groups and privately as well one-to-one. My name is Joey Arnold. I was born in 1985 in the USA. I'm a film-maker since 1995. I'm also a musician, writer, actor, producer, inventor, designer, motivational speaker, athlete, philosopher, comedian, cartoonist, helper, pastor, basketball player, oatmeal eater, trainer, life coach, director, guide, tutor, etc.........


Add Joey Arnold: Skype: JoeyArnoldVN
I also teach English at FYG Fellowship Youth Group
learn JA English: Tiếng Anh Joey Arnold
Joey Arnold English Club

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