Monday, May 5, 2014

Amber Briggs and Tiffany Cumbo

Sunday 8:57pm
joey idk if this is you running this facebook page but it really pisses me off seeing someone post "ADD ME" as if tiffany is still alive. she is dead show some fucking respesct she isnt alive to be out talking to people..
and then for people to not even know she is dead that makes me mad why don't you make it like a memorial page something where people can remember who she was instead of people thinking she is alive
6 hours ago
you should use your own page for your enlgish teaching stuff... thats not remembering tiffany thats using her page to show your shit not ok.. maybe you should just delete her facebook since you dont know how to properly post stuff.. for being supposedly being aenglish teacher you sure dont think wisely...
a few seconds ago
You're wrong. You are very wrong. My facebook "Joey Arnold" is blocked from certain Facebook features for the next 30 days. So, there are certain things I cannot do on my Facebook. You do not know how to live properly. I really hate what you are saying. I am very sad with what you are saying.

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