Monday, May 5, 2014

Tiff and Amber 003

Sunday 8:57pm
joey idk if this is you running this facebook page but it really pisses me off seeing someone post "ADD ME" as if tiffany is still alive. she is dead show some fucking respesct she isnt alive to be out talking to people..
and then for people to not even know she is dead that makes me mad why don't you make it like a memorial page something where people can remember who she was instead of people thinking she is alive
9 hours ago
you should use your own page for your enlgish teaching stuff... thats not remembering tiffany thats using her page to show your shit not ok.. maybe you should just delete her facebook since you dont know how to properly post stuff.. for being supposedly being aenglish teacher you sure dont think wisely...
3 hours ago
You're wrong. You are very wrong. My facebook "Joey Arnold" is blocked from certain Facebook features for the next 30 days. So, there are certain things I cannot do on my Facebook. You do not know how to live properly. I really hate what you are saying. I am very sad with what you are saying.
well thats not our problem that your facebook is blocked for certain things. oh and i do know how to live properly i give the dead the respect they deserve and not use their name to try to get ahead in teaching english
giving people respect comes from sharing, not through silence
lives are to remembered, celebrated, not forgotten
yea well how is sharing your English teaching have anything to do with remembering tiffany. not a fucking thing use your god damn brain if you have one
for me, it is even harder to get closure, especially when you guys have not really talked me about how she died... that destroys me
you are missing the point
you act like tiffany hates english
the things about english is not on tiffany's facebook
those things are not on tiff's facebook
i have felt betrayed from your family
that is what you are missing, English has nothing to do with her remembrance
Tiff's Facebook is NOT talking about English
you seem to be assuming something that is not even happening
you seem to be seeing things that are not even there to begin with
you might be a little blind
it seems that you are not really looking at what is really there
go to tiff's facebook, and it will not saying anything about english in the wall, the timeline
you just posted something to it yesterday dude
and you dont have any right to feel disrespected you are not tiffanys mother or father they are the only two who truly need to know how she died. you are not a brother or a sister or a cousin or uncle so you have no right at all to feel disprespected
i like how you deleted the post
I feel like family
i felt like her brother
and still feel like her brother
what did I delete?
i do not understand why they must keep the details of tiff's death a secret... it only adds mystery and possibly some bad things to that table
tiff was not around for facebook
tiff deserves a facebook to some extent
I could have saved Tiffany from dying. I had a bad feeling about it before she died. I strongly felt that I needed to call her that Friday night before she died and I did not call her, but I should have. I regret not calling her.
I am haunted by her death.
you could not have saved her dude whatever that is the biggest bullshit thing i have ever heard not even her parents weren't able to save her and they were in the house... you are not the only one haunted by her death why do you think so many people are pissed off about this facebook..
i have people telling me all the time that it shouldn't even be up that people should leave it alone
and what did you delete oh idk the picture you posted to tiffanys wall yetserday that showed a group of kids in veitnam saying how you joey arnold is a english teacher... it was their this morning you deleted it.. so dont act like your stupid and that you dont know what im talking about... all i have to say is that you are pissing alot of people off who knew her..
and yes i am right because i have people telling me all the time
and feeling like a brother and actually being a brother are two different things... im sure micheal doesnt consider you a brother
a few seconds ago
Micheal was my friend when we were younger. I didn't exactly delete what you think I deleted. You are misreading things. What people want is not always what they need. We can always save people. Do not tell me that you are not haunted by the death of Tiffany. People should not forget who Tiffany is.

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