Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Practice Speaking in English With Me For Free.

Hello.  Chào. ¡Hola. Bonjour. Nǐ hǎo. How are you?

Joey Arnold: USA English Teacher in HCM
film-maker, musician, writer, editor, web-designer, producer
http://facebook.com/JoeyArnoldVN: 0163-364-2066: 099-619-5082 

JoeyArnoldVN@Gmail.com: Skype: JoeyArnoldVN

Practice speaking in English with me for free in HCM or online. Contact my managers. I teach English to people for free. You are not required to give me money (compensation). I can teach English to you for free. I teach privately, one to one. I teach groups. I teach children to adults of all levels & ages. I teach all over HCM. I also teach life skills, sports, web-design, how to make films, art, music, etc.....

I was born in the USA in the year 1985. I started teaching in Vietnam in 2012. I started making films in 1995. I was home-school. I attended 4 colleges. I am a jack of many trades. Contact me for more information. 

My managers in HCM
Q.4. Q.11: Tiên Nguyen: fyg.engclub@gmail.com: 090-312-4615

Q.Tân Bình: Dai Trinh: dyetrinh@gmail.com: 098-865-0437

Q.Tân Phú: Pham Nguyen Minh Tu: pnmtu13894@gmail.com: 096-688-2450
Tiên Phạm: tien.phamnt@gmail.com: 090-665-6878: 090-780-4122

Q.Gò Vấp: Therock Nguyen: 099-563-8088: 0126-816-0556: 0120-759-7714

Q.Thủ Đức: Cuong Nguyen: hutieumibo@gmail.com: 0168-805-1167
2 - 5 PM Thursdays: Café Phố Xưa
266 Kha Vạn Cân, P.Hiệp Bình Chánh, Q.Thủ Đức, HCM

I challenge people to be problem-solvers.
Think outside the box. Go after what is best in life.

(For more info, contact F.Y.G.)
The founders of F.Y.G. are fluent in English and Vietnamese.
The founders of F.Y.G. are Vietnamese people.
Contact F.Y.G. if you want to learn and practice English.
 F.Y.G. is a non-profit organization.

I was born 6 AM Monday, 11th of February 1985
I was born in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA

Film Highlights
1996: Power Ranger Kids, Little Kid Riding Hood
2000: I Want It & I Want It Now: Power Ranger Flash
2001: Gangster Run: Cat's Life

Teaching Highlights
1995: Home School the Younger Sister
2003: Children Church at Hillsboro Community Baptist Church
2005: Snow Camp: Word of Life Ranch
2006: Snow Camp: Word of Life Ranch
2007: Wilderness Camp at Salvation Army's Camp Kuratli
2008: Wilderness Camp at Salvation Army's Camp Kuratli
2009: Children Church at Agape Church of Christ in PDX
2010: Camp Redwood Glen of the Salvation Army
2011: PASS: basketball camp at Salvation Army's Moore Street in PDX
2012: New Star English Center in Bac Ninh, Vietnam
2013: Tan Van Foreign Language Center in Q.Go Vap, HCM
2013: New Star English Center in Q.Tan Phu, HCM

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