Thursday, May 1, 2014

Go Vap Club

I only have one Facebook. You need to be nice to foreigner English Teachers. You and your friend are the two administrators of your Facebook group. However, you are in need of a web-designer who can better maintain your group. You should have someone with over a decade of technological experience. You misunderstand the details about my Facebook.
It seems that you do not want a foreign teacher to teach you. Students pay their teachers, but you are asking me to give you money if I want to be an admin. You have the system backwards. It does not work that way. You should comply to my conditions. If you want to improve upon English skills, then please trust me.
I will copy and paste this to my blog before you decide to delete this comment here that I am writing to you here from my one and only true Facebook profile account.
Fonnie Filden is not my Facebook profile. That is something else. It is not my Facebook. You need to understand that life is much more complex than you may know.
I do not change my Facebooks. That is not what happens. I try many times explain the details.
If you want to see me, please give me what I want, or else....
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  • Therock Nguyen "Students pay their teachers, but you are asking me to give you money if I want to be an admin. You have the system backwards".===>Yes , you are the teacher in club,But u need to understand:"You want to be an admin, Money u pay is money for club and for u, not for me".
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  • MinChou Wk Lê Are you being fair,Joey Arnold???? You said that he: 'You need to be nice to foreigner English Teachers'==> what did he do on Joey Arnold???
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    k chill out guyz , Joey Arnold is just trying to explain. It's not necessary that you have to pay all the cost when you're an admin. It just a position after all. What he wanted to say is that he want to be an admin to help you maintain/develop the group. And about the money, dude,he's already teaching you for free right ?So i think it'll be ok if we just..... argh you got the point

    #Joey:I understand what you mean but the way you keep posting in Therock Nguyen
    's wall like that will make some Vietnamese think that you're rude. Btw please give them you number(or create one) and your address for easier contact as you're an admin 

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