Wednesday, May 7, 2014


  1. Happy Spirit Moves Day. I really do like what you write. I appreciate what you write. My life is full of daily adventures. It is true that I can't always choose the exact details to my adventures. However, I have a Guide who is also the Author & Finisher of those adventures, of my faith. This reminds me about the adventures of Link who is always looking for Nemo... Peach. No, wrong castle. Wrong girl. I mean, Zelda. This also reminds me of those choose your own Star Trek adventure books. This also reminds me about that song a friend of mine wrote: "Want to be a hero."

    In life, we must be patient and quiet. We must listen to God's voice. We must be humble. We must appreciate each moment of our journey. These are the things I am learning more about as I age. As I get older, I try daydreaming less on the long-term dreams in order to make room for more immediate goals which can in fact help me towards my long-term goals.... I am learning to smile more.... I am learning to be there for people more... thank you so much for your ministry to those around you!!!
  2. As Christians we don't always get to "Choose Our Own Adventure", BUT we can be sure that whatever page or chapter of life we land on the Author of Salvation surely has written a story for you to prosper! Happy Spirit Moves Day!
  3. Hey Linc! Guess whaaaaaaaaaat? I love you! Thanks for everything you do. You're super awesome!
  4. Nice profile pic/cover photo coordination
  5. If you want to see GOD'S amazing artistry just take a look outside your window. If you want to see one of HIS masterpieces just look at your reflection. YEP.... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  6. Church is a PARTY with music, fellowship, and a Heavenly Host!
    Guess what?......
    You're invited

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