Monday, May 5, 2014

Sad Tiffany in Hell

you seem to be assuming something that is not even happening
you seem to be seeing things that are not even there to begin with
you might be a little blind
it seems that you are not really looking at what is really there
go to tiff's facebook, and it will not saying anything about english in the wall, the timeline
you just posted something to it yesterday dude
and you dont have any right to feel disrespected you are not tiffanys mother or father they are the only two who truly need to know how she died. you are not a brother or a sister or a cousin or uncle so you have no right at all to feel disprespected
i like how you deleted the post
I feel like family
i felt like her brother
and still feel like her brother
what did I delete?
i do not understand why they must keep the details of tiff's death a secret... it only adds mystery and possibly some bad things to that table
tiff was not around for facebook
tiff deserves a facebook to some extent
I could have saved Tiffany from dying. I had a bad feeling about it before she died. I strongly felt that I needed to call her that Friday night before she died and I did not call her, but I should have. I regret not calling her.
I am haunted by her death.
you could not have saved her dude whatever that is the biggest bullshit thing i have ever heard not even her parents weren't able to save her and they were in the house... you are not the only one haunted by her death why do you think so many people are pissed off about this facebook..
i have people telling me all the time that it shouldn't even be up that people should leave it alone
and what did you delete oh idk the picture you posted to tiffanys wall yetserday that showed a group of kids in veitnam saying how you joey arnold is a english teacher... it was their this morning you deleted it.. so dont act like your stupid and that you dont know what im talking about... all i have to say is that you are pissing alot of people off who knew her..
and yes i am right because i have people telling me all the time
and feeling like a brother and actually being a brother are two different things... im sure micheal doesnt consider you a brother
about an hour ago
Micheal was my friend when we were younger. I didn't exactly delete what you think I deleted. You are misreading things. What people want is not always what they need. We can always save people. Do not tell me that you are not haunted by the death of Tiffany. People should not forget who Tiffany is.
45 minutes ago
omg your trying to get people to add her on add me anerica their comments add me tiffany.... its not tiffany all you mother fuckers are stupid!!! your disprespectful as fuck if you weren't you would respect the family's wishes not make it worse your stupid
its funny the pages your trying to add is nothing but nasty ass people..
just wait until i tell my uncle don what your doing
and my cousins they will all be pissed
they already know
Don and teressa already know
you do not know me that well
i knew tiffany more than I knew you
it is too bad
it seems that you are like an enemy to me
you seem to hate people
networking is important
sharing inspiration is important
tiffany is a symbol of inspiration
tiffany is like the mono lisa smile
yea they know about the page not that you put adding weird ass people from weird ass places... yes trusty me i dont want to know you.. you are word as shit. and no i dont hate people i am beginning to hate you though. you mean mona lisa i dont like what your doing here not a single bit and i would never be your friend.. why do you think i deleted all your profiles off of my facebook and wht i didnt accpet your friend request when you would send them.. i dont like you and i dont like the way you think... you are not normal... get your head right dude...
you are a bad person
you judge
you assume
you are blind
i like people people who are respectful
you say things without taking the time to fully understand the details
your not
you are wrong
I am very respectful
you are not respectful to me
what do i need to understand im a logical person i think logically
you fail to see things from my eyes
nobody is perfectly logical
we are flawed
we are not eprfect
we make mistakes
we do not know everything
we are quick to judge and assume things that are not always true
why should i be when your out adding tiffanys profile to weird people
they dont need to know her she isnt here to speak for herself she doesn't need you speaking to people for her
they are not weird people
you are a weird person
i did not know that you did not want to be my friend
that is so sad that you cannot be friends with me
uh yea they are showing their boobs and asses on their pictures
i think that you did not know much about my friendship with tiffany
and guys saying shes georgous and shit as a woman it pisses me off
people do crazy things sometimes to get attention
what they are saying are in certain groups and NOT on tiff's profile... there is a difference
and and apparently thats what your doing with tiffanys profile maybe people dont talk to you on your own facebook so you have to use hers to become friends with people
I do not know why you are looking at those groups
you are blind
you are an idiot
shes a 16 year old girl in her puctures and to have grown ass men saying shes hot is fucking sick
you are saying things that are not true
your an idiot
i am disappointed with you
i am very sad
you discriminate
i dont care what you think about me
you are racist
you are sexist
you are wrong
i do what i think is right
no people are pedofiles maybe your the blind one
well then you need mental help dude
i will always do what i think is right
you need mental help
you are mental
you are sad
week them go seek treatment
you go seek treatment
no im not im normal
normal is bad
you are dumb
it is too bad
your bad
normal is not always good
who is normal?
we say we are normal
sometimes, we are
your wrong on so many levels
and yet, nobody is normal
i am complex
i am loaded with levels
you might be one-dimensional
im a repsectful person if someone asked me not to do something then i wouldnt do it
where is tiffany now?
is tiffany in Hell or Heaven?
uh dead in the ground
that is where she is
you stop thinking after you die?
what is the point of life, if it ends after you die?
it seems that life has no purpose
no value
no eternity
well you believe in god right?
no absolute morality
the question is about what is life
and what is the meaning to life
and why does it matter if it does not matter?
it seems that we are just animals
survival of the Fittest
everyones souls move on.. the meaning of life is for each and every individual to figure that out for themselves
everyones mewning of life is different
meaning must last
it must last
it must be universal
everyone sees life differently its all in the perspective of ones eye
there are similarities in what people see
we have a common bond that connects us all
in love
in those values
for family and friends
it is universal
it is eternal
you are fucking crazy you know that.. you think way to much into shit just live your life day to day make the best of it. who cares about the rest
you are careless
no im not
im far from careless
either you care or you are careless
you know nothing about me
when you care, you must seek answers
you should seek after truth
well then either your smart or yohr stupid right?? theres no middle
no grey
xfiles is stupid
the truth is out there
made up shit
life is short
people sitting behind desks writing stories
but you might be wrong about what happens to you after you die
if you are wrong about it, then you might suffer in Hell forever
well then why don't you go die and find out if your really want to know right?? your so obsessed with it and not knowing... and since that is not going to happen you're wasting your time.. no one knows what happens until we die
it seems that you are scared
we can know
we can have assurance
we can discover it
i have it
im sorry i dont need assurance
if you are right, then I am fine
when i die i will die simple as that
I am in a win-win situation
if I am right, I win, and if you are right, I still win
if you wrong, you will suffer
you mgiht be wrong
you do not know everything
you are not perfect
it is possible that you are not certain
just maybe
eternity is forever
Christians are not crazy weirdos
i will not suffer your so retarded.. i know i do not know everything and i dont need to. because i dont fear the unknown but it sounds like you do it seems like you're the one who is afraid thats why you want to know everything. every little detail..
you do not know
i am a christian
you are not perfect
you have not died yet
no im not perfect have i once claimed that i was?
what do Christians believe?
your body will be resurrected after death
Christians are those who have asked Christ to guide their lives and to fully save them from depravity
i dont care what happens to my body after i die i will no longer need it where i am going.
you will use it
your body will be reanimated
like Walking Dead
how will i use it... tiffanys not using her body
resurrection will occur someday
omg im so done with you your fucking nuts
all humans
you said you were Christian
you lied
you lied to me
bye joey good luck with your life ok
do not say you are Christian if you are not Christian
you need to stop lying
stop living a lie
save yourself
or you will die liek tiffany
like Tiffany
and you might suffer like Tiffany might be suffering now
Tiffany might be burning in a fire right now
that is on your head
do not lie
seek the truth
do not lie
Christians are followers of Christ
omg your so fucking crazy
do not say you are Christian if you do not follow Christ
I take offense to that
I hate it when you lie
I do not like it
i do follow christ and i have christ in my heart
you said that you are Christian
but i dont like you
i dont need to like you
you are not a good person
read the Bible
study the Bible
the Bible talks about the resurrection
i dont need to study the bible im living my life how i want and choose to live it
the saved with get glorified bodies and the rest will go to the lake of fire
then you are not a christian
you are living a lie
you will go to the lake of fire
Christians live life how Christ wants them to live it
im not living a lie im living my life
ok be don't ever message me again
the definition of Christian is Little Christ
im done
do not tell me what to do
do not tell me where to go
fine then I'll just block you
simple as that
you live your life how you want and I live how I want to live
I am posting this conversation on my blog
yea youll live a crazy tormented life... you are tormenting yourself
i am not really
you are on the internet
you are on my blog
i put some of it there

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