Tuesday, May 6, 2014


  • It seems that people do not know how to read in English. I was trying to explain why I did not come on Friday. I tried really hard to explain the reason and explanation to why I did not come. it was not my fault. It was the fault of Therock Nguyen. It is that simple. I clearly blame him and others who may have been involved. I clearly stated the requirements. I said that if certain things did not happen then I would not come.

    People seem not to understand what past-tense and what history is. You guys act as if I am talking in present-tense continuous, but I am not doing that.
  • Marilyn Mitchell, I told Therock Nguyen that I would come to the English Club if he made me an admin before the club meeting began Friday morning. I wanted him to make me an admin one week before Friday. I was talking to him about it for a whole week. I did not go because I wanted to have integrity. I wanted to keep my word that I would only come if he made me an admin.
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    • Salamay Pham · Friends with Therock Nguyen
      haizzzzzzzzz, you are knucklehead , now you're admin but you always repeat the old story many times
    • Peter PT · Friends with Therock Nguyen
      Let me sort it out very simply and clearly one thing for you to understand, Joey, a real teacher is the the one who devotes his heart to pass on the knowledge to other as well as gives dedication to work with people. In other words, it means serving people. A teacher do not put his dedication below some unrealistic thing like 'an admin'. Why do you call yourself a teacher a hundred times but still keep begging for an 'admin' title.
      The club is made by Therock Nguyen, he has all full rights to administrate his club and manage it in the way he wants, as long as it's getting better .
      You are one of the main ones that play important roles in the club. So why do you not collaborate with each other to build the club instead of rivaling for that admin.
      You will do your very best in charge of an English teacher and he will do his best to maintain the club. Right? Eachh of you has your own responsibility.
      About money, any kind of club needs money to survive the activities and maintenance. Therefore, his act of raising fund in the club is not anything wrong to be judged. If he corrupted, and you have the evidence, you can let everyone know, don't just say it freely.
      About your credit, if you need trust from members, take actions to make them trust you. If they are blinded by someone else, then act in the way no one can believe it.
      Credit is not something you can ask for, that's something you need to earn and build up day by day.
      That's all I want to say.
      You guys can solve this.
      Warm regards.
    • MinChou Wk Lê · Friends with Nguyen Ngoc Phuong
      OMG!!! Joey Arnold, this problem was resolved ===> you were the admin . Why do you usually repeat this problem???" I think you are a really big-big girl in the world."
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