Thursday, February 13, 2014

Listen to Jack Ardill

Jack Ardill Ahem, I'm a little disappointed you people aren't listening to me.

I honestly think some of you are jumping at shadows. You've all seen and heard way worse in real life and walked on by. It's just a stupid comment on Facebook meant to rile, and you
've been riled. Facebook is pretty retarded at the best of times. I'd suggest you're weirded out by this kid and its affecting your judgement. Best to leave it alone I reckon.

  • Robert Bicknell JACK - maybe so, but from the admittedly few posts I have seen from him, this is NOT a person who should be teaching children. If I found him employed at any school my daughter attended, he would be OUT and, yes, I do have that level of connections after 21 years here.
    Chuck Norris has a grizzly bear carpet in his room. The bear isn't dead it is just afriad to move.
  • Jack Ardill Trust me, Robert, I was in no way defending what he said, rather just trying to work out a rational reason behind it. But I'm probably looking for rationality in all the wrong places.
  • Robert Bicknell JACK - I understand that. When confronted with seemingly irrational people, one normally seeks a rational explanation. However, sometimes people are just demented without rhyme or reason.
  • Ben Ngo @Jack: if someone makes such pedophile statements, we shouldn't allow any room for guessing and interpretations at all. It's a very serious issue. Any other "jokes" may to be controversial considered as his "Hitler" comment, but this one's deserves Zero Tolerance. And none of us will laugh anymore of next weeks headline will be "he shared it even on fb but nobody believed it"
  • Bert Wiswell Ben Ngo if you are concerned about this, then do something besides posting to try to get others to agree, otherwise STFU
  • Jack Ardill As a father of a 3 year old daughter, I agree wholeheartedly.
  • Bert Wiswell The recent posters here are doing nothing but titillating this poor miserable soul
  • Bert Wiswell just stop, give it a reast. let him try to settle
  • Robert Bicknell What's a "reast?" (Sorry BERT, I just couldn't resist...)
  • Ben Ngo I have no doubts that there are way more people who are seriously worried about their own kids than care for your try to defeat "this poor miserable soul"
  • Robert Bicknell The problem with Facebook, and the Internet in general for that matter, is that people can post and snipe anonymously. This allows their "inner self" to come out. People who want to be famous pretend to be stars, people who hate the world can rant and flame their brains out. Some troll to get a reaction albeit through extreme posts. Others simply allow their true nature to show. So what is the truth here?
  • Jack Ardill The recent posters here, including myself, have been discussing something that was posted on ASOV and our reaction to it. Hardly titillating stuff.
  • Bert Wiswell The recent posters seem obsessed by this thread, if not actually titillated. If you are interested in nothing else besides a poor suffering soul and not interested or able to help, then keep it up or leave it. If you have nothing else to contribute on another topic, then keep it up. If you are genuinely concerned for the safety of children or others, then report it. Otherwise, ... peace out ...
  • Jack Ardill Or we could exercise our free right to discuss whatever we want within the ASOV guidelines and at the discretion of the moderators.
  • Bert Wiswell Of course JACK !
  • Ben Ngo Fully agree with Jack. So maybe it's you Bert who should "peace out"
  • Robert Bicknell I agree and disagree with BERT... (Yes I I don't. Agggh Schizophrenia attack).
  • Bert Wiswell You guys should get with Oatmeal,
  • Jack Ardill Why do people here keep SHOUTING my name? I'm getting on but I ain't deaf.
  • Bert Wiswell any attention is better than no attention
  • Jack Ardill Now who's trying to titillate, Bert?
  • Bert Wiswell you can keep it up and make Oatmeal happy, I will not
  • Jack Ardill Bugger Oatmeal, I thought we were keeping each other happy on this thread
  • Jack Ardill I find the occasional post on this thread and others a tad objectionable, but never consider asking for conversation to be shut down just because something irks me.

    Robert Bicknell in his earlier post re Facebook had it down pat.
  • Ben Ngo @Locki @Robert @Jack: Back to the question: is Oatmeals post something that we as the online community should be worried about and take more serious into action or not? Moderators?
  • Robert Bicknell BEN - That is the question, isn't it? Is he truly demented or putting on an act - as objectionable as it is?
  • Craig Anderson Robert i guess anyobe that starts 20+ facebook accounts has a few issues...
  • Jack Ardill I stand by what I said earlier, Ben. So that's a no from me.
  • Ian Wilson Robert Bicknell - one look at Oatmeal's mother should give you all the 'hints' you should ever need !
  • Andy Newton From what I understand, this guy is supposed to be broke and unable to get home. If he's written something about being a paedo, perhaps the authorities being notified of this might lead to him being deported home. Might be doing him a favour - he's more likely to get help back there than over here. More importantly might be eliminating a threat to children here.
  • Ben Ngo @Robert: I don't know whether he's demented or putting on any act. I've just read Lockie's comment, then asked him whether that post is truly existing and then asked everyone's opinion
  • Andy Newton It's too much of an act to be putting on. A sane man wouldn't have the energy for such nonsense. Creating all these accounts, writing all that bullshit, the work to reward ratio just doesn't work out for an ordinary fellow.
  • Robert Bicknell ANDY - If I read some of the comments here correctly, the guy has claimed to be everything under the sun. The story changes faster than the weather.
  • Ben Ngo Agree on Andy's thoughts
  • Erich Dang I don't think you can put people in jail based on rumor and hearsay. The only evidence against him is a post on Facebook, in a forum known for sensational news about Vietnam. The Cong An will have something to joke about tonight at their dinner table.
  • Jack Ardill Does it really matter what he says on facebook? Nothing he said came with malicious intent. I'd suggest leaving it alone.
  • Robert Bicknell Anyway...I'm jumping off this discussion. The clown isn't worth the headspace he's occupying. If he does something truly horrifying,then we can do something. Otherwise we are just feeding his ego by discussing him.
  • Robert Bicknell Off to the gym to destroy myself. I seem to enjoy pain as I get older...strange.
  • Jack Ardill Yeah, let's talk about Robert Bicknell instead, while he's at the gym getting off on pain...
  • Ben Ngo Erich Dang: it's not our job to guess and not our job to assume what authorities would handle a report. But it's our responsibility to figure out if such a public statement would maybe cause any harm to kids and how to protect them, incl. your own if you have.
  • Ian Wilson Robert Bicknell - DITTO !!! Have to g\et packed now anyway for a trip back to Oz. By the time I get back - HOPEFULLY this weirdo will have been reported to his school - sacked - his WP (if he ever had one) will have been cancelled and the Department of health (or whoever) will have had him deported forever from Viet Nam for endangering the school children ! OR - someone will have kidnapped him and thrown over the boarder into China ! THAT WOULD BE SOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT TO HEAR !
  • Andy Newton I'd be surprised if Vietnam doesn't have the authority to pretty much arbitrarily deport foreigners from their country as they please. And I'd be pretty surprised, if he were to be reported for some comment about being a paedophile, if there wasn't a member of the appropriate authority who would take great pleasure of ridding Vietnam of a potential predator and obvious nutcase.
  • Bert Wiswell Ben Ngo and Andy Newton do you want to do something about this? Then do it and quit talking. Walk your talk. If I felt the same way I would act.
  • Andy Newton In any case, if someone - probably best if they were Vietnamese and had a connection or two to the authorities - were to let them know and make their own decision, I think that'd be a good thing.
  • Andy Newton Bert - maybe. It's a matter of how best to handle it. I haven't actually seen this paedo confession of his, only heard about it from others. And I don't speak Vietnamese. Like I just said, it's probably best if someone Vietnamese, especially if they have contacts with the authorities, to let them know,.
  • Ben Ngo @Luckie: this whole discussion is based on your comment about Oatmeal. Please share to everyone the link/screenshot/proof that it's true!
  • Erich Dang Sure Ben you can take as much precaution as you like. All I am saying is that you can't prosecute the guy anymore than you can prosecute a jaywalker on Vietnamese streets. Do that and he will turn around and sue you for false allegations and defamation which carry a 3-year jail sentence under Vietnamese law.
  • Andy Newton There's no false allegations or defamation if you link to his own words. The authorities can decide what to make of what he wrote.
  • Ben Ngo Andy is right, Erich. A hard proof of your own posted words is NOT allegations nor defamation at all!
  • Jack Ardill Ahem, I'm a little disappointed you people aren't listening to me.

    I honestly think some of you are jumping at shadows. You've all seen and heard way worse in real life and walked on by. It's just a stupid comment on Facebook meant to rile, and you
    've been riled. Facebook is pretty retarded at the best of times. I'd suggest you're weirded out by this kid and its affecting your judgement. Best to leave it alone I reckon.
  • Ian Wilson Andy Newton - you'll find the State Security Police (the department that deals with foreigners) DOES have the power to instantaneously arrest, hold without trail and deport and totally, permanently bar the re-entry of any foreign born national.The only requirement ( I believe) is a three senior officiers 'closed' hearing - if it's for the safety and / or protection of the citizens of Viet Nam.

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