Saturday, March 15, 2014

VN basketball

Who plays basketball?
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  • Miguel Enes Do you think I care on how better or worse his life was? What I'm sure of is that there is millions of ppl here who deserve and need help more than him.
  • Miguel Enes Want to live on others expenses? Go back to your country, if you want to be useful just stay. The standards here are low so he must have really fucked up many times to not have a friking salary that would prevent him from stealing food from pagodas and crash there...
  • Des Snowdon The guy is messed up, clearly has no wp and is a danger to kids. I suggest reporting all his posts to admin. I also suggest that if he approaches any schol or other for work, they retain his passport. This guy is not right and should not be around to give other expats a bad rep. Get him out.
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu Bett Bonyo, I have wanted to travel the world and help others since 1993. I was born in the USA. I came to Việt Nam in 2012 to meet a girl and to teach at New Star International Language Center in Bắc Ninh, Việt Nam.

    Students love me. The male director of New Star used Google Translate to talk to me. He promised to hire me via email. I came to Vietnam and I was teaching for a week at New Star. His other teachers were from the Philippines. He told his other teachers to tell the students that they are from Singapore and not the Philippines.

    The director fired me before he officially even hired me via an email. After that, students would always ask me why I was not teaching at New Star any longer. Many students were sad. Many students stopped going to New Star and they went to other schools. Others would learn from me at the Papa Foods Restaurant in Bac Ninh, which is about 20 km from Hanoi.

    In January 2013, I was teaching in Hanoi and later in Hoa Binh. To this day, students want me to return to the north. They always ask me when I will come back. Students love me.

    I dedicate myself to others.

    People do love me.

    I do not ask for attention.

    Instead, I ask for revolution.

    In the hearts and souls of us all.
  • Des Snowdon You also write poorly in English. Students are countable, why do you keep using the ohrase 'many'? You were not hired thus cannot be fired. Good luck to you but really you are not liked or funny. I would not want to be in a place where I was so disliked, perhaps other places dislike you more. Goodbye. All futurembs, crap posts of yours to be reported at the first instance.
  • Selena Le u may have a good heart, but add with a mess mind, leave your ass away of this forum, if not people in vn will invite u to Bien Hoa
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu Des Snowdon, students are not always countable. You are being too by the book. I teach English the way that people actually speak English in the streets of the USA.

    I am not as interested in textbook English. Most English textbooks in Vietnam are from the UK or something like that. I prefer American English.

    Often time, I write simple English so that Vietnamese people can understand me better. You need to throw out of your English rules out the window because every country does always agree with all of the rules about English that you may have been taught. A simple example of this is seen in the words color and colour.

    Selena Le, what is in Bien Hoa?
  • Selena Le Bien hoa is a hospital
  • Des Snowdon 'People actual speak' 'often times' 'need to throw out of your English rules out ....'. You are incapable and dim witted. Case closed, bye fuck tard.
  • David O'Brien Its also a province, sure theres a leper colony village there?? maybe somehwere else? that direction, im sure lol
  • Selena Le that Hospital for whom has mental mind
  • Scotty Dinh Bien Hoa sound nice and warm... maybe our doctor giovien will join them there. Where is this Hospital At? I been to BH a few times and thought the town is lovely but never seen this "famous" hospital you guys talk about.
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu but I'm more a comedian
  • Jonathan Barlow I have not seen any reason to take his passport. His posts in this group are often random and incomprehensible, but I have not seen any evidence to suggest he is a danger to anyone. Did I miss anything serious?
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu Are you part Hulk?
  • David O'Brien are you an attention whore? c
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu are you a hater-whore?
  • Scotty Dinh I don't mind the guy either Jonathan Barlow, I haven't seen evidence that he harm little kids or puppys. His trolling is sometimes funny too, I usally come one here for a good laugh and some enlightenment.
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu My middle name is Scott
  • Scotty Dinh oh geez, i'm so changing my name!
  • David O'Brien no mate im not going to jump on the hate train, though kinda did but you do put yourself out there for derision etc. im all for love and empathy my fallen comrade lol
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu I just want to inspire people to think outside the box. I was partly named after Joe Montana. Joe's middle name is Scott as well.
  • Danieru's Place Fascinating.... although, I'm beginning to wonder who is/are the actual jerk/s in this thread; GiaoVien NguyenHieu or those attacking him ?
  • David O'Brien I thought he was being sarcastic hale, seemed obvious, no? lol
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu Hale Song, what I wrote sounded perfect inside my head. I can make videos where I read what I write. If only you heard it the same way I hear it.
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu I am not an attention seeker.
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu I AM A TRUTH SEEKER.
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu Hale Song is spreading lies.
  • David O'Brien I couldnt care less
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu I am posting this onto my blog.
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu I am sticking Hale onto my blog.
  • Tu Truong @GiaVien. How long have you lived in VN? Can you speak any Viet? Whats your American name. I'm amused reading this blog. Actually this is more entertaining then reading CNN news.
  • Scotty Dinh Dude, Tu nguyen, I onces thought like you that he's harmless. Just research him him more and then make your judgement call.
  • Tu Truong I try to stay away from the US Expats.heh. I stay away from Pham Ngu Lau and D1 as much as possible. I'm sure there are some good US Expats. But there are the few that come here for pedophile reasons or running from there past. Those are the kind of people I have to deal with at work. So when I'm done with work I just want to enjoy my people,my country, my language, my kind of food. heh
  • Scotty Dinh search his youtube video about Vietnam. He's quite negative about some of the people around him, he get kick out of a non-profit buddest temple called chua la. And he still to this day think he's in the un justly wrong and is trying to get back in.. they don't want anything to do with him.
  • Tim S Koepp Tu Truong the way you talk you just might get along well with @GiaVien lol
  • Scotty Dinh ya meet up with him report what you think.
  • Tu Truong I'm sure I'll meet him someday at a Police Station or a Court Proceeding. He's entitle to a translator if he is a U.S Citizen
  • Tu Truong @Tim. good thing about knowing English and Viet, I can play 2 sets of rules with him. I grew up here, I know some not so friendly people. If he's here for good intention I wish him luck. If he's breaking the law or has bad intent Vietnam police eventually will come for you. Vietnam police are not dumb when it comes to foreigners committing crimes or violations.
  • Tim S Koepp Tu Truong did you ever buy the Honda SH motorbike you wanted?
  • Tu Truong wow good memory. I haven't. I am returning to US in a couple months. When I return I will buy an SH.
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu Tu Truong, I was born in 1985 in the USA. I've been a world-travelling philanthropist since 1993. I have been a film-maker since 1995. I've been teaching English in Vietnam since 2012. I am learning Vietnamese. I am single. I might stay in Vietnam forever. I am not negative. I do things to educate and inspire others. My life is dedicated to making the world a better place. People spread many lies about me all of the time.
  • Cheryl Lee young brother, hope oneday you can understand what people want to help you to understand..yes someone hate you but some of them are trying to help you realize what's right or wrong. When they blame you more then you keep trying to persist in your opinions. Hope you can change your mind so your life will get better and people will love you more. Best regards
  • Martin Joncquez World-travelling philanthropist at 8 years old, film-maker at 10 ? lol...
  • Jonathan Barlow Tu Truong, Is there actually a problem with western pedophiles in vietnam? You have mentioned this several times, but I've never heard of this otherwise.
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu People say that I am a pedophile. I am not a pedophile. There is no evidence. There is no proof. Those things are lies.

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