Friday, March 14, 2014

What Follows "I Am" Will Follow You All Day.

What's the story behind all the apparent aggression towards "GiaoVien NguyenHieu" ?
  • Scotty Dinh One can only wonder man, perhaps his mom drop him when he was a baby
  • Scotty Dinh That what she said.. rofl!
  • Danieru's Place Seriously... why is everyone attacking him?
  • Vu Ho His postings got so bad in ASOV that he was banned. So he changed his name and is posting in this group now.
  • Danieru's Place What was so wrong with his postings?
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu What did I do in ASOV? Please provide evidence. Vu Ho wrote things that are not true about me. My previous account was disabled by Facebook.
  • Scotty Dinh He make All English teacher look bad. He attack people, even when people try to help him. He's very perverted and openly so. He's Negative Attentioin seeking nitwit blunbbering about nonsense. The list goes on and on..
  • Scotty Dinh have you seen some of his Youtube vids?
  • Scotty Dinh Its all about hate, some of them are toward Vietnam and its people.
  • Scotty Dinh Take a minute to do a little research. It will become very clear... At first I think he's harmless and funny.. but its become more clear that not the case.
  • Bros Rocketeer he claims himself an American English teacher and most of the time he says people lie to/about him, treat him ill or how bad people are to him.. and he's used lots of facebook accounts to post and comment everywhere, of course to attack people too. ASOV admins had to ban at least 20 or more accounts! last week or so he posted some youtube clips about a Pagoda refused to let him teach and eat and stay there. and those clips were mostly about himself walking around yelling and repeating "why do you hate me?"
  • Scotty Dinh Yep, he even get Kicked out of a Chua! a non profit-Buddist temple that offer free English lession to the local Vietnameses, even they don't want him around.
  • David O'Brien People feel the need to attack others to fill their personal void? something along those lines no doubt!
  • Scotty Dinh Tiffany Lo- I dare u to come,im waiting.Dickhead
    about an hour ago · Like

    GiáoViên NguyênHiểu You've seen my dick?
    about an hour ago · Like
  • Scotty Dinh Crass post like this toward lady and other people..
  • Danieru's Place Ok... I'm beginning to understand.
  • Scotty Dinh Danieru's Place Yep, the more I learn about the guy the more turn off I am about it all. He need helps. He's not getting it if we keep feeding his negative ego.
  • Danieru's Place What would you recommend he must do to stop the exchange of unpleasantries?
  • Scotty Dinh His addiction to attentions is like Drugs and Alcohol. Like all Addiciton he need to be treated right. The first step in that treatment is realization that you have an problem.. and to seek help. There is 3 step to this process. He can not recover as he does not see he is the center of his problem. He is in denial and repeat the same old mantra over and over again. That other people are the root cause of his issue... they hate him they lie about him.. spread rumors etrc... Its never me oh no! Its this guy its that girl, its you, its scott.. why do people hate me so?
  • Scotty Dinh Attention-seeking people will spend a large portion of their lives creating drama so they can feel they are the center of attention. Unlike the mature person that lets their actions and work speak for them, the immature person deals in what they can do to divert attention to themselves. Most often taking I'm the victim mentality. Nothing is ever about what they have done or will do it's all about what was done to them. There for reinforcing the victim mentality. (This is a excerpt from someone who know the subject.. its was not written by me.)
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu Scotty Dinh does not listen to me. he does not care what I say. I am not being negative, because I am simply being honest. The concept of being negative implies doing things to hurt people, but I do things to help people even when it appears to be self-seeking and negative.

    I do not have a victim mentality. I am just trying to educate people about things. I was teaching English at the Leaf Pagoda. Students love me. I only have one Facebook account.

    I am teaching English in HCM still for the Fellowship Youth Group
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu

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