Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dead Poets Society

Giao Vien NguyenHieu needs to be deported I'm sick of him showing up on my newsfeed
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  • Scotty Dinh word up, I hear you.
  • Scotty Dinh You can disable him and the posting in setting though.. but he does get under people skin thats for sure.
  • Kirsty Denison I think this is getting out of hand. I don't think the guy is very well - or at the least isn't very happy - and I don't think these personal comments on a public forum will help. I understand he may be irritating, but surely blocking/ignoring is the most adult way around this?
  • Caeli Q Rex Desperate times call for desperate measures
  • Scotty Dinh If I can like caeli 100 time I would!
  • Scotty Dinh That guy is dangerious, and make you and me look bad. Teacher in Vietnam are respected and well love. He pray on the good intention of good hard working Vietnamese. I can't even put up with his bad English teaching and idea.. the face that he is dangerious is another thing.
  • Scotty Dinh I mean seriously, Vietnamese people are hard working people, and work damn hard for the little money they get. Then they want their children to get an education to get a good job. English is important in that regard, but taking money and doing what he is doing is wrong.
  • Caeli Q Rex Dude looks like a pedophile
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu I'm not a pedophile. I am a very good English Teacher in HCM. Stop spreading lies about me. Most of you guys have never met me in person. You are saying things that are not true.
  • Tam Phuong Honestly i don't understand how and where people could agree for him to teach as an english teacher.....
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu Tam, you have never met me. You need to formally meet somebody in person before accessing their abilities.
  • Tam Phuong the only thing made me thought like that it's ur face (just be honest) *peaceful*
  • Erik In Asia The masses don't like people who are different. I think Joey / Oatmeal / GiaoVien isn't so bad. Just different. Would rather have a beer with him than with wannabe gangsters like Caeli "low IQ" Rex, who acuses people of horrible things without knowing fuck all. Pathetic.
  • Scotty Dinh he is barely scratching a living in VN. He claim his wage is around 2mil vnd a month. Heck I can spend that in a day.. so I kinda feel bad for him. I"m sure he is living with some poor Vietnamese family. Perhaps they think keeping him around will help their own kids pick up English. He really think he is helping people here..
  • Tam Phuong so u knew him huh Deen???
  • Erik In Asia What if he's just taking the piss out of all of you?
  • Scotty Dinh Erik In Asia like Vietnamese guys piss on the street? Sometimes I do just because I hate stinky stall.
  • Erik In Asia lol. I mean taking the piss as in making fun of you guys and not taking everything so seriously.
  • Scotty Dinh If you look at his youtube video and his blogs and his many comment.. you know he's creepy and pshyco.. and mental. He not some smart guy who is pulling anyone chain. He's dangerious and might be a pedo (not sure on that rumor).. but basically he sick and need help. he always waste a lot of mine and a lot of other people time too... with his endless rants.
  • Adam Robert Young I have no idea who this NguyenHieu Teacher dude is, and I'm not taking any sides here, but I do have to say this one thing. If you want to project an image of being a "very good English teacher", don't make a silly mistake like saying "You need to formally meet somebody in person before accessing their abilities". I believe the word you're looking for is "assessing", not "accessing". While perfect English is something that eludes even many native English speakers, if one is going to claim to be a great English teacher, one should carefully check the English one has written.

    Again, I have no idea what the issue people have with this guy is, so I'm not using the above statement to jump on the bandwagon. I'm not taking part in such an argument. I just wanted to give some friendly advice.
  • Jonathan Barlow All of you are behaving like children.
  • Mập Mạp Mủm Mĩm and children dont like Giaovien NguyenHieu
  • Hannah Ngan Ho He surely looks like few psycho-pedophilia guys that used to chase women on the street of Saigon
  • Stanley Nguyen Ho Dinh come on guys !! leave the poor guy alone. This is cyber bullying !! PEACE
  • Aäron Doesnotendorsethis Johnson I would not normally say anything in a thread like this but I am sincerely a little worried about this guy. Based on his videos and online behavior he seems to have some form of autism or other neurological condition and he might really need some help. I am not saying this to attack him -- if you know him in real life and you can offer him some help by encouraging him to see a professional you might really be doing him some good. It doesn't seem like he should be alone right now. Arnold, if you read this and you would like someone to help you find someone who can help you I would be willing to try to get you what you need.
  • GiáoViên NguyênHiểu Adam Robert Young, thanks. I wrote "Access" instead of "Assess." Still, you should still assess me in person. Aäron Doesnotendorsethis Johnson, I am not crazy. I am not living off people. I live off my savings. I have some money in the bank. I am much smarter than people know. I actually have almost 40 million VND right now secretly in a few different locations. But at the same time, my monthly salary is always going up and down.

    The purpose of English is mostly about communication, about exchanging ideas and things. Some English Teachers become too traditional that they lose the spirit of the revolution.

    Watch the film Dead Poets Society starring Robin Williams. Other teachers rejected the kind of teacher that Robin's character was. That film inspires me.
    Nguyen Thiien Hien High School
    Tan Binh District HCM VN
    CMT8/Hoang Van Thu
    January 2014 apx

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