Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sorry For Oats

Julien Dupont2 hrs

hello, i am a newcomer, nice to meet u guysLike · 4 people like this.Nguyên Khang haha you seem to say hi to any groups that you got added into :)) *hi*2 hrs · LikeAshard Deen Probably got warned about all the bickering on here..2 hrs · Like · 1Scotty Dinh Welcome, Please enjoy your stay here.. and post anything in the forum that you might need2 hrs · Like · 1Julien Dupont yes, because i want to make some friends in Ho Chi Minh city, i just come here and i dont know any one 
2 hrs · Like · 2Ashard Deen Nobody on here knows anyone but we all know who "Oatmeal" is..
2 hrs · Like · 4Nguyên Khang Oatmeal is just as popular as Gangnam Style. The other day when my niece was crying I showed her the picture of him and she just stopped immediately...
2 hrs · Like · 6Scotty Dinh LOL Nguyên Khang
2 hrs · LikeAshard Deen lol, That's cruel! I do feel bad for laughing to that though!
2 hrs · LikeScotty Dinh Kinda miss Crazyoat! he add life to any Thread.. any time he show up or say something asinine the Threads blows up and go crazy...
2 hrs · LikeJulien Dupont last night i took my moto to go to district 12 and i saw a lot of police. they took me 200k because i was in wrong way...
2 hrs · Like · 1Huy Nguyen LOL
2 hrs · LikeJulien Dupont so please telle me what can i do when i meet them ?
2 hrs · LikeNguyên Khang next time just try not to speak English (German is recommended), also feign anger and if it still doesn't work then you can do nothing but bribe them
2 hrs · Like · 1Huy Nguyen Julien you can stop going up the wrong way for a start
2 hrs · Like · 1Scotty Dinh Somewhere I heard from a friend that if you can Convince the cops that you are Russian they let you go...
2 hrs · Like · 1Julien Dupont i spoke french (because i am french) , and english but they didnt understand.... after a guy came to me and said '' 200k and u can go'' 
2 hrs · Like · 1Scotty Dinh Julien Dupont was driving like any other vietnamese person.. i don't fault the guy.. Its the cops fault. When you driving the wrong direction and geting away with it, are you really breaking the law? I always blame on the cops or the Sun when I get pull over.
2 hrs · Edited · Like · 1Arnaud Kaci champion!
2 hrs · LikePhúc Phạm Warmly welcome you Julien!
1 hr · LikeCeleste Kellie Scotty Dinh, Xin Chao! Enjoy...ha ha... ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkHB09Zt99E...-
1 hr · LikeScotty Dinh Hey Celeste Kellie, ya he great! A character no less. My Hero really.. did you see his vid when he is young. You really should watch his video when he was a kid and growing up in a tralier. Actually kinda of sad really, so I kinda soften my stach toward the guy.
1 hr · LikeCeleste Kellie He's got over 500+ vids on You Tube ha ha...have you got the link? This guy is better than a soap opera but with the same amount of characters - all rolled into one 
1 hr · Like · 1Scotty Dinh I look for it but ya, his younger self is on another account.. guy kids is nutz or ballz for posting his life so raw as it is.
1 hr · LikeScotty Dinh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lA4HkeMRlKU...
1 hr · LikeScotty Dinh If you see his 36 vid when he was younger.. you kinda feel for the guy. I know why he is now the way he is. He always seeking attention, acceptance and recognition. In much the same way, you think "Man childhook isn't so bad after all."
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