Saturday, June 15, 2013

She Stole His Money After Sex

She started screaming. Some wood slammed the floor. I was on the ground floor. That is the 1st floor. I was in the lobby, on my laptop at this Sagoba hostel on Pham Ngu Laos in district 1, Saigon, Vietnam, Asia.

The Vietnamese receptionist man stormed up to the 3rd floor to see what the fuss was all about. The Vietnamese woman (in her 20's or 30's) rushed down the stairs without a scratch on her body. She was wearing a short skirt and yelling in Vietnamese while pointing at her shoulders and arms, but there was nothing there.

She ran off with his money. The man just wanted some sex with no strings attached. This is a lady that he has talked to for the past 8 months.

She was his friend. She does massages with happy endings. You may find her on this road at a restaurant. She wears glasses. If you go with her. she may ask you to pay before the sex, and then she may start screaming and pretend that you hurt her so that she can run off with the money.

I know this man and I know him well. I do not think he would hurt her. I think she got away with murder. I am a virgin. I do not have sex with people. I do not do that. I have had a girl friend (GF). Kathy is my friend. kathy is not my GF. Kathy was never my GF. But after seeing this today, I may never even think about going to a hooker for sex.

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