Sunday, April 27, 2014

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  1. Nguyen Cuong, call me, or wait. I should be there at about 9:30 PM
  2. Phạm Ngọc Huy said that he unfriended me because I do not reply to his messages. However, I am blocked from sending PM Private Messages on Facebook until June 2014.

    I wish people could learn how to read. All you have to do is go to my Facebook, as in my timeline wall or profile account place, and watch the video that I made where I show people that Facebook disabled most of the features on my Fac...
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    • Võ Đang Oh, I know! Don't worry about it!:-)
    • Matthew Kurtz "I wish people could learn how to read." Uh... that's mighty ironic, English Teacher - aren't you supposed to be teaching them?

      Try getting off of the internet for a few days, man; seek other avenues for reaching people. I know you have before, just step it up - if you're serious about it, that is. Or, do something else on-the-side/instead. Cook rice in a restaurant... or come back to the States. I don't see many, if any, other choices.

      Facebook isn't currently an option for you anyway. Get off of it. It will drive you nuts. In fact, get off of the internet entirely for a few days, unless it's absolutely necessary (i.e., job searching?).
    • Muniroh Iir Dont worry maybe they all are not reading your post fully are the best teacher make big attemt to teach many peoples..try to enjoy the view ..and losing the strees...i am genuinely glad to read all your post ..its mean i can practice my english by reading your post ..wish god blessing you ..assalamualaikum from indonesia
    • Đình Đán I think you should reply other's comments and messages. If you were in their shoes, You'd understand other's thinking
    • Jasmadi Basir Maybe there is some misunderstanding
    • Marilyn Mitchell write your message also in Vietnamese
  3. What kind of videos should I make? What should I write about? What do you want to watch? What do you want to read? I want make more videos that teaches English. I also want to make other kinds of videos as well. What do you think?


    If you want to be my student, please contact Tien Nguyen. I'm blocked from certain things on Facebook until June 2014. P...
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  4. How do you speak and study English? Top 10 Ways in How to Master English! For more information, contact Joey Arnold USA 090-312-4615


    Joey Arnold: American English Teacher in Vietnam since the year of 2012: born 1985: film-maker since 1995. I like to also write, sing, dance, invent, love, help, train, think, create, teach, tutor, make movies, act, produce, comedian, Jesus...
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