Sunday, April 27, 2014


  1. Danny Magna (who is from the USA) blocked me. This is part of the reason why I do not want to return to the USA. In some ways, people seem to be friendlier outside of the USA.

    I feel that I'm totally alienated from the USA. I feel like I have almost no friends or even family that care about me from the USA or other like countries. Too often, people who know me in real life are not my friends on Facebook. I want to be friends with everyone. It is not bad to be friends with everyone.
  2. Spencer Wilson, let's hypothetically and theoretically say for example that you messaged me on Facebook. After a few days, if you decided to click on my profile photo, then that would take you to my profile account on Facebook.

    In other words, if I wrote to you and found out that you did not reply to my messages, then I would want to know why. I'm not going to just sit there, do nothing, unfriend you, or even block you.

    Instead, I will do my own research. I will do my best to discover why you didn't reply. If I go to your timeline wall, then maybe I will read where it says that you are blocked from sending messages and not just blocked from sending friend requests.

    One of the problems is that people assume that I am only blocked from sending friend requests, especially since at one time or another they or their friends have been blocked from sending friend requests for a few days to 30 days.

    Some people have not been blocked from most features like I have. It seems that those people do not understand what I am saying.

    Maybe Facebook limits reach on newsfeeds, but people can still go to my profile and find out that I am blocked.

    Better yet, if people emailed me, I would tell them that I am blocked from replying to PM Private Messages:
  3. Marilyn Mitchell, I'm blocked from writing on other's people's pages, profiles, and groups. I can update my status. I can NOT send friend requests but I can accept them. I can NOT share, like, add, comment, message, or even poke.

    I can NOT upload photos. I can NOT update previous photos and other certain things on FB. I am blocked from almost every single Facebook feature thing until June 2014.
  4. Therock Nguyen, I'm blocked. I cannot write to you. This is so sad. I have over 3,000 friends and some of them still think that I can send messages and comments. People need to research things before assuming things.

    What do I have to do? Do I need to update my Facebook status over 3,000 times in order to tell each person that I am blocked from certain Facebook features until June 2014?
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  7. Matthew Kurtz, I did not tell people to add you. I did not do that. People in other countries do this more often than they do in countries like the USA. People naturally want to make more friends with other people.

    I have about 3,000 friends mostly because most of these people want to practice English.

    There are many people that I know in real life that are not friends with me on Facebook. Plus, I do get to know people on the internet. Contrary to popular belief, I am friends with people all around the world.

    Matt, life is short. I teach daily. I will continue helping others. Now, I need a reason to return to the USA. If there were really good reasons for returning to the USA, I would consider them. However, I do not want to return for selfish reasons.
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  11. Where do you live?

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