Sunday, April 27, 2014

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  1. How do you learn English?
  2. Đình Đán, I'm blocked from sending messages, comments, friend requests, likes, shares, and invites until June 2014. The one exception is that Facebook allows me to update my status here.

    Join my club:
    Joey Arnold Club

    • For more information, contact Tien Nguyen: 090-312-4615
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  3. Daniel Bui, call me. You want to see me at the 23/9 park at 6 PM? I said ok but then you texted me and said, "But take a shower." However, I feel that you have changed the conditions. I feel that this kind of alteration of our deal is grounds for allowable dismissal or procrastinated rescheduling.

    People, I take showers. However, I am part guerilla like my father. Dan, if I take a bath, it won't even matter because I'll sweat out a flood on my bicycle as I bike from Q. Thu Duc to Q.1 of TP.HCM.

    Dan, you can call me and reclarify what you want exactly. I am not exactly sure if you are joking about the shower thing or not. You are about 20 years old. You are pretty fluent in English. I went to the American Center yesterday as you were awarded with that English certificate. This means that I'm not exactly sure about everything that you may or may not know regarding English vocabulary words, meanings, sarcasm, irony, double-meanings to things, American cultures, and so on.

    Dear readers, if you want to be my student, contact Daniel here. That is his English name. He is fluent in English and Vietnamese. He lives in District 1 of Saigon, Vietnam. Contact Daniel and beg him to help you start some English Clubs. I can come by and help with the English Clubs.

    Dan, call me.
  4. How do you learn English?


    01. Learn your favorite words. What are your favorite colors, numbers, food, drinks, hobbies, activities, places to go to, etc? Learn words that are interesting or important.


    02. Learn key words like the questioning words of how, why, what, whom, who, where, when, what for, through what, etc. Also learn transitional words like therefore, but, if, then, etc.
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